Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2

Resources: Official Base Page: https://developer.nvidia.com/tensorrtOfficial User Guide: https://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/sdk/tensorrt-api/python_api/index.htmlWebminar: Introduction to TensorRT. http://on-demand.gputechconf.com/gtcdc/2017/video/DC7172 My Codes involving TensorRTMinimalist demo for Keras model --> .pb --> .uff [GIT]C++ API for TensorRT5, works on TX2 [GIT] Introduction You are most probably familiar with deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch, mxnet etc. These frameworks are general purpose tools geared towards … Continue reading Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2

Optimal Triangulation for Tuning Keypoint Co-ordinates

Given a set of correct keypoint matches and a fundamental matrix, to optimize the coordinates of these key points such that they satisfy the epipolar constraint. A point (x,y) on the left image (pose: [I|0]) and (x',y') on the right image (pose: [R|t]). These points are undistorted and in normalized image coordinates. Having known the pose … Continue reading Optimal Triangulation for Tuning Keypoint Co-ordinates

Image Keypoint Descriptors and Matching

[GitHub] Extracting keypoints from images, usually, corner points etc is usually the first step for geometric methods in computer vision. A typical workflow is: keypoints are extracted from images (SIFT, SURF, ORB etc.). At these keypoints descriptors are extracted (SURF, ORB etc). Usually a 32D vector at each keypoint. The nearest neighbor search is performed to … Continue reading Image Keypoint Descriptors and Matching

HowTo – Pose Graph Bundle Adjustment

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is one of the important practical areas in computer vision / robotics / image based modelling community. A SLAM system typically consists of a) odometry estimator (relative pose estimator), b) Bundle adjustment module, c) sensor fusion module (for visual-inertial system), d) mapping module. While there are several excellent resources, refer … Continue reading HowTo – Pose Graph Bundle Adjustment

Vision Controlled Quadcopter Flight

Just completed (8th Dec, 2015) the Aerial Robotics course in HKUST (ELEC6910P) by Prof. SHEN Shaojie (my PhD supervisor). Most of the course credit were on the completion of the projects. Course TAs were Su Kunyue and Yang Zhengfei. My project partners were Sun Lin and Sun Ting The projects eventually connected together to make a vision … Continue reading Vision Controlled Quadcopter Flight