List of Significant Probability Puzzles

I am collecting a list of probability/statistics/random processes puzzle problems. Click on the links for the description and solutions of the problem. It is well worth the effort to study, understand and derive the solutions to these. Helps sharpen the mind and increase your analysis skill. Please feel free to add your suggestion if I … Continue reading List of Significant Probability Puzzles

Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2

Resources: Official Base Page: User Guide: Introduction to TensorRT. My Codes involving TensorRTMinimalist demo for Keras model --> .pb --> .uff [GIT]C++ API for TensorRT5, works on TX2 [GIT] Introduction You are most probably familiar with deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch, mxnet etc. These frameworks are general purpose tools geared towards … Continue reading Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2

Part-3 : Controlling a Mechanical System

This is the third post in my series on control systems. In part-1 we explored what the differential equations can do for you and how to make use of a differential equation, particular the Euler-Lagrange equations to describe a mechanical system. In part-2, we derived these differential equations for our 'pendulum on a cart' system. … Continue reading Part-3 : Controlling a Mechanical System

Wireless Communication from Scratch

All we 90s kids have seen mobile phones taking over our lives. We have been taught in school that Electromagnetic waves carry our signals. In school, like most people, I too accepted that mobile phones work with electromagnetic waves, no further thought given..!! The objective of this blog post is to give a brief historical … Continue reading Wireless Communication from Scratch